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AKEMI, one of the most preferred bedding brands of Southeast Asian homes, was first introduced to the bedding industry in 1992. “AKEMI” is a name of a Japanese female and the katakana characters on top of AKEMI logo simply means “Designer’s Choice”. Being an impressive showcase of New Asian Decor and ambience, AKEMI bedding product is styled in a modern context, it encompasses the intertwining elements of culture and tradition to create a home with a distinctive soul. The AKEMI Factory Outlet offers AKEMI’s uncompromised good quality bedding products at the most affordable price, making it a heaven to quality bedding lovers who are having a tight budget. Moreover, it also carries a wide range of other bedding brands and selections including Studio One, Madison & Co, Cannon and Characters products as well as some of the consumers’ all-time favourite bedding accessories, to suit to different consumers’ needs and preferences.